Personal bankruptcy

Our offer includes the provision of comprehensive assistance in the preparation of documents, letters, applications in bankruptcy proceedings for insolvent persons, in particular:

  • drafting bankruptcy applications;
  • supervising and supporting ongoing proceedings (contacting the court and the administrator, submitting complaints, letters, applications).

As well as:

  • providing assistance in collecting necessary documents;
  • conducting the analysis of the property and financial situation, examining the fulfilment of the conditions for filing for bankruptcy.

The most important aspect in the decision to declare bankruptcy is the prospect of a return to normal life, without encumbrances or debts. Remember that, at the very first stage after submitting the application resulting from a court ruling which takes place relatively quickly (with appropriate preparation and submission of a complete application with a set of relevant attachments), court and enforcement proceedings conducted by a bailiff are suspended and debt collectors from debt collection companies should cease their activities. The accrual of interest is also suspended, i.e. debts cease to grow on a daily basis. During the bankruptcy proceedings, we take care of each Client so that, as a result of the bankruptcy, they eventually regain liquidity and start a new stage of life with the so-called “clean slate”.

If you need help in smoothly going through this process and regaining your life comfort, we encourage you to use the help of professionals from our Law Firm.

We provide assistance across the country, regardless of the Client’s place of residence.