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Familty and guardanship law

Based on a legal analysis of each case, we look for the best legal solutions to meet our Clients’ needs. Importantly, long-term procedures are not always consistent with the welfare of the Client, particularly in family law cases. In guardianship matters, the best interests of minors should be the primary consideration. However, if there is a litigation, it is important to properly prepare the proceedings (gather and present evidence) and secure the Client during the trial and before issuing a decision at the end of the proceedings.

In the field of marital relations, our Law Firm offers legal assistance, including cases like:

  • divorce (fault divorce due to martial breakdown and no-fault divorce),
  • separation,
  • division of the property;
  • maintenance for the former spouse,
  • meeting the needs of the family, commonly referred to as spousal maintenance,
  • ordering, changing, waiving the payment of remuneration for work to the other spouse,
  • deciding on important family matters,
  • releasing from the requirement to submit a document required for marriage to be contracted,
  • permitting marriage (by a proxy as well as in the case of underaged women).

In the field of relations between parents and children, our Law Firm offers legal assistance, including cases like:

  • child support,
  • establishing, performing, changing contacts with a minor,
  • determining the minor’s place of residence,
  • changing the divorce judgment regarding the exercise of parental authority and the manner of its exercise,
  • deciding on relevant matters regarding the child in the absence of agreement between the parents,
  • permitting actions that are beyond the scope of the ordinary administration of the property,
  • depriving, suspending, limiting and restoring parental authority,
  • issuing, changing orders in the event of a threat to the child’s welfare,
  • managing cases related to determining and denying paternity or maternity, as well as recognizing paternity and determining the ineffectiveness of paternity recognition.

Our Law Firm also offers legal assistance in negotiating and drawing up the terms of marriage contracts (the so-called prenuptial agreement) and contracts on the manner of exercising parental authority (parenting plan).

We also deal with cases related to incapacitation and care of adults and minors, cases of minors (regarding demoralization and criminal acts conducted by family courts) as well as cases for placing a person in a psychiatric hospital without the consent of a mentally ill person and person with mental disorders. In addition, we also provide assistance in cases concerning the obligation to undergo treatment in a stationary or non-stationary rehab facility.

We pay particular attention to the evidentiary proceedings in cases that heavily impact the outcome of the trial. Good preparation of the procedural strategy at the beginning of the process gives a chance for a better final decision. We help our Clients collect the necessary documents for their case, suggest next steps and solutions, having in mind the best interest of the represented person.

By enabling the legislator to conduct hearings in the audio-video (online) mode, we are able to provide legal assistance and represent you in courts across the country.