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Natalia Zielmachowicz



Natalia Zielmachowicz

Legal counsel Natalia Zielmachowicz is entered on the list of legal counsels maintained by the Gdańsk Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law under the number Gd/E/303. At the same time, she has the restructuring counsel license granted by the Minister of Justice (No. 1531) which allows her to perform the activities of an receiver, court supervisor and administrator.

She has extensive experience in legal services for natural persons and business entities.



She started working as a lawyer at a renowned production company where she drafted and reviewed contracts, conducted court proceedings. She focused on labour law and social insurance, consumer rights, transport and carriage law as well as cooperation with enforcement authorities.

She also gained experience working at the district prosecutor’s office and the Tri-City courts. She started her court experience at the commercial division and, after less than two years, she became an assistant judge in the family and juvenile division. At that time, she also participated in trainings, including those organized by the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, and completed postgraduate studies – the Academy of Companies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

The next stage of Natalia Zielmachowicz’s professional development was her cooperation with renowned law firms located in the Tri-City. Among others, she dealt with broad civil law, family and guardianship law, social security and labour law, succession law, real estate law, administrative law, compensation, taxes, enforcement proceedings and comprehensive legal services for business clients.

At the same time, she appeared before courts and administrative bodies, including foreign tax administration bodies, and participated in negotiations.

Aware of the fact that the law is constantly evolving, legal counsel Natalia Zielmachowicz constantly updates and complements her knowledge, including the participation in training courses, particularly in the field of civil procedure, tax law, bankruptcy and restructuring law. In 2021, she completed postgraduate studies at Lazarski University, specialization: Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law (company restructuring and liquidation).

Currently, she provides legal services as a legal counsel and restructuring counsel. In her work, she focuses on quality, effectiveness and trust

  • Legal counsel entered on the list of legal counsels maintained by the Gdańsk Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law under the number GD/GD/3431. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk. She gained professional experience in renowned Tri-City law firms where she dealt mainly with business entities and held the position of a legal specialist in a nationwide debt collection company.

    A participant in trainings on the changes in law and a postgraduate student at the University of Gdańsk, specialization: Company Law. She specializes in issues related to the broadly understood civil law and proceedings as well as the law of commercial companies. Her professional experience also includes the practice in labour and social security law as well as succession law. At our Law Firm, she develops her specialization in the field of family law.

  • Patrycja Myga is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Gdańsk where she studied Administration, specializing in labour law and civil law. She focuses on tax law, including seafarer’s taxes and civil law matters, including family law. Moreover, she also pursues her interests in the field of labour law and social security. She gained professional experience while cooperating with law firms in the Tri-City.