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Succession law

Succession law is an extremely important branch of law which we all encounter at some point in our lives. Succession cases are often complicated, especially when the continuity of succession is not preserved (acceptance or rejection of the inheritance in the selected form by the heirs of each of the deceased). Such matters are also associated with strong emotions that accompany disinheritance, will challenge and unworthiness to inherit.
Our Law Firm deals with matters that concern, among others:

  • confirmation of the acquisition of the inheritance,
  • inheritance distribution,
  • will, including its invalidation,
  • legitim,
  • inheritance and donation tax,
  • unworthiness to inherit and disinheritance,
  • securing the inheritance.

Experienced specialists in the field of succession law will be happy to provide you not only with knowledge and information on what steps should be taken after the death of the deceased family member, or how to execute the will of the deceased and assess whether the will is valid. We will also help you throughout the process of lawful acquisition of the inheritance and its division among the heirs. Our Law Firm provides assistance in the scope of actions by heirs for whom it is possible to provide a relevant agreement and representation in court proceedings.

It is extremely important that the succession proceedings of the deceased be conducted in a correct and complete manner because any shortcomings in this respect may give rise to serious and sometimes irreversible consequences in the future on the part of subsequent heirs. Therefore, lawyers from our Law Firm will familiarise themselves with your documents and your factual and legal situation. Based on their extensive knowledge and experience in courtrooms, they will be able to advise you on the most advantageous solution to any issue in the field of succession law.

By enabling the legislator to conduct hearings in the audio-video (online) mode, we are able to provide legal assistance and represent you in courts across the country.