Economic bankruptcy

Submitting an application for bankruptcy of economic entities in a timely manner is extremely important from the point of view of liability for the resulting debts, including personal property owned e.g. by members of the management board. Our offer includes assistance to entrepreneurs to assess, in a timely manner, whether there have been such major financial problems that make the company insolvent and unable to keep the deadline for filing for bankruptcy. Our experienced Team will help verify and assess whether the conditions determining the possibility of filing for bankruptcy (state of insolvency, number of creditors, sufficient assets to conduct the proceedings) have been met. We will also draw up the application itself and supervise the course of the proceedings until its completion.

In “economic” bankruptcy, the most important factor is the TIME when the application is be submitted along with a set of documents to the competent court. Therefore, it is so important not to delay this decision as it may bring potentially negative consequences in the form of creditors enforcing debts with regard to a natural person who is a member of the management board of an economic entity.

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