The legal advisor, Natalia Zielmachowicz, is entered into the list of legal advisors maintained by the District Board of the Chamber of Legal Advisors under the no. GD/E/303.

She has an extensive experience in the field of services rendered for natural persons and business entities.

She started her lawyer career in a recognized production company, where she was responsible for, among others, preparation and assessment of contracts, court actions, labor law, social insurance law, consumer law, transport & shipping law as well as cooperation with executive bodies.

She also acquired experience working in a district prosecutor’s office and in Trójmiasto [Tri-city, Poland] courts. She started work at the court at the commercial division, and nearly two years later she was a judge assistant in a family and juvenile division. At those days she also took part in numerous trainings, including one organized by the National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution, and she graduated from postgraduate studies – Academy of Partnerships in the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

Next stage of the professional development of the legal advisor Natalia Zielmachowicz was cooperation with recognized legal advisor’s offices situated in Trójmiasto, where she dealt with the civil law, family and guardianship law, social insurance law and labor law, inheritance law, real estate law, administrative law, indemnities, taxes, enforcement law and complex legal service of a business client.

At the same time she appeared before courts, administration authorities including foreign tax authorities, and she participated in negotiations.

Being aware of the fact that the law has been continuously evolving, the legal advisor Natalia Zielmachowicz has regularly updated already acquired knowledge, among others, by taking part in trainings.

Presently, she has rendered legal services as a legal advisor in the Natalia Zielmachowicz Legal Advisor’s Office. When carrying out trusted tasks she focuses on quality, effectiveness and trust.

Our team

Legal advisor Alicja Stępień

Alicja Stępień is entered into the list of legal advisors maintained by the District Board of the Chamber of Legal Advisors in Gdańsk under the no. Gd / Gd / 3198. In the legal advisor’s office she deals with the civil law, the commercial law and the tax law. She also deals with matters in the field of the social insurances law. She graduated from the Law and Administration Faculty of the Gdańsk University and then completed the application course at the District Board of the Chamber of Legal Advisors in Gdańsk. She acquired experience in the legal advisor’s office where she dealt with, among others economic entities service and prepared pleadings. During her previous professional practice she advised clients on matters related to administrative law. She also participated in the negotiations of international trade contracts. In addition, he deals with procedural law and representation as a proxy in court proceedings.

Legal counsel trainee Agnieszka Budziło-Grześkowiak

She graduated from the University of Warmia & Maury in Olsztyn, Faculty of Law and Administration. Presently she is taking part at her legal counsel training at OIRP [District Board of the Chamber of Legal Advisors] in Gdańsk. She acquired her professional experience in leading Trójmiasto legal advisor’s offices and layer’s offices, where she dealt with current service and handling of court actions in the name of natural persons and economic entities. She specializes in issues in the area of the civil law and civil procedures as well as the administrative law. Her professional experience includes also labor law and tax law practicing. She also deals with the family law.